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Hélène Chebroux - Yoga Instructor


Who am I?

Hélène Chebroux is a young woman of French origin who emigrated to Canada (to Montreal) in 2002. She discovered yoga in 2010 and, after falling in love with the discipline, she took classes and workshops, mostly at the Wanderlust yoga studio in the Mile End.

She later decided to teach it herself, and officially began an instructor certification in September 2017.

She has always been passionate about human beings and believes that it is in their best interest to use tools such as yoga, meditation and breathing to improve their lives, to help them find themselves, to evolve, to move forward and to accomplish their professional and personal lives.

Indeed, she notes that the benefits of a regular practice are felt as much on the physical level (better posture, progressive increase of body awareness, healing of muscular injuries or chronic diseases), as on the psychological level (reduction of stress and anxiety, better concentration, increase of the energy level in general).





Through her practice of yoga and her life experiences, she understands the importance of this tool and makes it more of a way of life than a simple daily practice. She now wishes to share her experience and knowledge of yoga with those around her by giving personalized classes based on the needs of each of her students.

Its mission is to make the practice of yoga as accessible as possible. Well-being and listening to oneself are the basis of his approach, as opposed to performance and competition. Her approach is also holistic and inclusive, based on non-judgmental thinking. She teaches both dynamic Hatha (flow) classes and classes more focused on Yin and relaxation. All the tools of yoga are covered, whether it is the asanas, the different breathing techniques, active or passive meditation, chakras, mantras and mudras, relaxation methods and relaxation.

Her courses are designed to be restorative and intuitive, and are always taught in small groups to ensure maximum comfort for her participants.




  • Hatha Yoga level 1 training (200 hours) 2017-2018 cohort with Christian Beaulieu from IHCA Montreal (Institut Holistique Corps et Âme), recognized by the Fédération Francophone de Yoga and the International Yoga Federation
  • Ayurveda 101 Training – Espace Ayurveda, Montreal – February 2018
  • Osteo Yoga & Women’s Yoga Basics – June 2018 & January 2019 (Montreal)
  • Yoga Focusing Training (yoga & introspection) 40h – March to June 2019 (Montreal)




  • Gives private lessons and personalized coaching since 2016
  • Gives yoga classes in 2017-2019 in partnership with the eco-responsible boutique Klova (Montreal)
  • Gives yoga workshops in 2018-2019 at the OsteoPlus clinic (Montreal)
  • Gives group courses, in person and online, at Ixiasoft (Montreal) since 2019
  • Gives outdoor yoga classes and focused workshops in Bergamo (Italy, 2021)




  • Participated in several ”30 Day Challenges” at Wanderlust Yoga Studio – 2012-2014
  • Completed the event ”108 Greetings to the Sun” co-organized by Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow on April 18, 2013


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Facebook page : ”Everyday Yoga

Instagram: @heleneverydayoga




Our Courses

Courses and workshops in

group at Osteo +

15$/Person (standard course)

25$/Person (workshop)

Group courses & thematic workshops are available at Osteo + (4247, Saint-André street – Montreal).
Company courses
Contact us
In-company courses are available upon request. Prices and terms vary.
Private Courses
Private classes are available at Osteo + (4247 Saint-André Street – Montreal), as well as at your home.

Some testimonials


''I felt physically more energetic and mentally more relaxed after her class, refocused on myself and left the class with a desire to resume yoga regularly.''

Mélodie G., Mont-Royal

Being in a small group is perfect. Moreover, each class is different, the postures change and allow a feeling of novelty each time, it is very motivating

David O., Verdun

She reminds us to listen to OUR body, not to force it and to go at our own pace; moreover, her way of giving indications on the postures is very clear! It offers different levels of difficulty.

Jonathan D., Downtown


Do you have a question? You have the answer here… or you can contact us.
What types of courses are offered?
Hélène teaches mostly Hatha (posture sequences) and Yin classes
(relaxation), but can easily adapt to special requests: its courses are
want to meet the specific needs of its audience. The courses are for the moment all levels
Several variations of the postures are proposed in order to encourage listening to oneself.
Are the courses given only in French?
No, courses can also be given in English, or in a bilingual version.
Where do the classes take place?
Group classes are available at Osteo +, as well as at home (private classes are also available).

4247 Saint-André Street – Montreal, Qc, H2J 2Z3.

You can also have her come to your company’s premises for group classes. Hélène travels to the island of Montreal only to give her classes.

How much does it cost?
Classes are currently at a competitive rate of $15 per person for 1 hour (group class). A thematic workshop costs $25.

A private session costs 30$ for 1 hour. For in-company courses, rates are variable upon request.

We only accept online or Square (credit card) registrations on site.

How to pay?
You can pay online and reserve your seat directly here. Reserve early, places are limited 😉
How do I register?
Reserve your place for the next class now via this page.
What should I bring?
Comfortable sportswear (no shoes or socks for better adherence to the mat) and a bottle of water if you wish. A little wool for the final relaxation, because the blankets on the spot are in limited quantity.

Yoga mats and other accessories are provided at Osteo +: blocks, meditation cushions, roller foam & straps.

Checkroom and bathroom available on site.

Please turn off your phones during class and arrive on time.

How do I check the schedule of upcoming classes?
You can follow the Facebook page or check out the upcoming schedules here.
Can I cancel my registration if I can't make it to class?
No, no online refund, but you will get a credit on a future course of your choice
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